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Andrea R. Freeman

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Intuitive Poetry via ZOOM 

If you're among those that feel, "I don't write." "I don't read or write poetry," or "I usually don't read my work in public" - Have no fear! This workshop is safe & is open to all levels & interests in writing & expressing one's work. Intuitive Poetry is all about exploring the realm of divination (oracle cards) for inspiration & allowing the written word to flow & guide us towards creative expressions that we may not have known existed within. 

This workshop enables us to reconnect with our higher self, intuition & inner guides to promote healing in all areas of our lives.  We aim to become more comfortable with calling in -- "on-the-spot inspiration", through oracle cards & expressing vulnerability & connecting to our creative selves through poetry.  It is also a time to lend, creative, healing support to those within the group.


***Please have a journal & pen  with you and/or an oracle card deck of your choice.***

Andrea R Freeman, Author, Poet