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My Journey as an Author~Blogger~Angelic Life Coach

I've always had the appetite for writing since my early childhood. Creating worlds, moods, atmospheres, characters, that spark a light in others--motivates me to find new ways to connect with my audience. I’ve discovered through the years that creative expression was always part of me. Being able to interact with others on various topics that could also help people, are the ingredients that make me thrive in this world……and so the journey begins….

2003: My author birth year--I knew I wanted to be an author when an experience I had, led me to feel its relevance would be worth sharing with others. (More details regarding this, can be found in my New Projects section of this site.) However, the story that I had pitched then received several rejected responses. I decided though to proceed with my writing career regardless.



2005: Another surprising part of my life purpose emerged: Angel Readings & Angelic Life Coaching. For those who are unfamiliar, Angel Readings/Angelic Life Coaching provide guidance, inspiration & comfort from your Guardian Angels through various Angel Oracle Card decks & meditation exercises. During these readings/sessions, you experience a newfound understanding of your life purpose & perspective of your current path. I stumbled upon my first oracle card deck by accident, thinking I was purchasing the book of the same name. This mistake was rather the ultimate blessing in disguise.

When I first started reading for myself, I felt such an inner peace—a safe calming surround me—I just knew that no matter what I was experiencing in life—all would be okay. I wanted to share that knowledge with others & enable them to embrace such serenity. I later got certified & since then-- for over ten years—I’ve read for family, friends, & clients.  Being the angels’ messenger to relay their answers to those who seek clarity in their lives, is something of profound enlightenment.

Through my clairvoyant & Clairsentient abilities, my intuitiveness has also been my guide.  Upon a sessions completion, seeing the faces of my clients glowing from relief of their current situations, makes me feel that such a meaningful difference has been made in their lives.  It brings a tremendous smile to my heart.  Conducting readings has been a true blessing in my life & I’m thankful every day that I can be part of awakening the spark within people’s soul through the angels’ assistance, and answering the call for me to do so.



2012: A second book idea presented itself to me. This idea just wouldn’t go away. It was so prominent that I was compelled to stop what I was doing-- at that moment, & write the topic on paper. Within minutes, I had drafted a fully outlined theme for a book. The title was also something that immediately developed: Messages From My Grandparents…In Heaven: How You Can Keep Contact With Yours. I intuitively felt that my grandparents wanted me to write this book. It was as if they all collected by my desk & planted the pages on top of it!  It was a feeling that washed over me so quickly—nothing leading to it—it was just born into that moment & I couldn’t argue with answering the call to proceed. All of my grandparents have passed away at various points in my life, but I still feel their guidance/presence daily, thus my wanting to write this book & share with others my experiences.


2014: My involvement with Angel Readings & Angelic Life Coaching spawned my next endeavor, to start my own blog & further expand my writing career. Aerobic Affirmations was this creation as it is dedicated to exercising your mind to be more flexible toward the positive while shedding away negative thoughts. This weekly  blog discusses channeled angelic messages that reveal either the energy of the month, season, my own reflections, or other messages the angels want us to know.


2016: Messages From My Grandparents…In Heaven was published in February 2016, through Balboa Press.   After four years of drafting, researching, writing, editing, writing, editing, almost losing my file—my dream finally made its mark in the world. I was able to also connect with a talented artist, Joseph Bartolotta.  who beautifully brought to life my cover photo & back cover book images.

Besides receiving messages my grandparents relayed to me, I was also compelled to create this book for another reason.   I noticed there wasn’t a book out there that honed in on certain relationships that we must heal from, that have departed. What’s even more beautiful is that this book can still be applied to other loved ones in your life, not just grandparents. 


Within this book, you’ll distinguish methods in which your grandparents/loved ones are connecting with you through the help of your guardian angels, understand the healing both you and your departed loved one must undergo, embrace your intuitive abilities to be receptive of your grandparents’/loved ones & guardian angels’ energies, find clarity, comfort & restored balance in knowing you’re not imagining the messages/signs that you are receiving, & learn new ways you can enhance the connection with your grandparents/loved-ones.

You can find my book online through Balboa Press, Barnes & Noble & on Amazon. Also my book is available at Zen Trading Post in Staten Island, NY &  Bethany Beach Bookstore in Bethany, Delaware. If you’re ever in that area—it’s a must to relax within this quaint, cozy beach town & as a bonus--the bookstore is literally right by the beach—what’s better than that?

August of 2016:  I was so ever grateful to have a book signing & discussion in Barnes and Noble right in my neighborhood!!!  It was a fantastic time to be surrounded by new faces who wanted to learn more about their departed loved ones connection. You can see photos from this day in my gallery section, of the Home page of this site.

End of 2016: I started writing for a lifestyle-online magazine called the Muddled Millennial--a site dedicated to empowering women & men with everyday life experiences that help inspire & connect us all with topics we ponder about daily. I loved how it mirrored my personal blog's theme—sharing with & motivating others to live a more balanced life.  Some of my other features with the Muddled Millennial include interviews, artists to watch, book and food reviews.   Our team is growing & we have writers that are quite talented in their individual fields.  Definitely worth exploring the Muddled Millennial! 



June 2017 - Messages From My Grandparents…In Heaven received two five star & one four star reviews from Readers' Favorite. Beyond excited to have my work reviewed - knowing its feedback will engage readers to connect with my grandparents' story.

July of 2017:  Honored to be selected  for Bethany Beach Bookstore's Summer Author Events in Bethany Beach ,Delaware.   Having the opportunity to do a book signing at my favorite bookstore & being right by the beach--truly was a blessing!  I met such wonderful people of all ages & had heart warming discussions.  Forever blessed!

Also very appreciative to be celebrating Zen Trading Post's 1 Year Anniversary in Staten Island, NY - an enlightening Holistic store - gathering  together beautiful Lightworkers to bring comfort & healing to others.  They have welcomed me to their family as I offer Angel Readings, Workshops & my  published book to others. 



Currently working on my second book

February:  Co-hosted the first of many Power of Self-Love Workshops with my very good friend and Yoga Instructor, Laura Gotlin.

August:  My book has been selected again to be available for purchase at Bethany Beach Books in

Delaware and new this year, my book is available for purchase at Down Under Books in Ocean City Maryland.

October: I will conduct Angel Readings again at the 2nd annual Full Day Yoga Wellness Retreat in Staten Island NY

***You can stay up-to-date with all my upcoming projects, in the "New Projects" tab of this site.***